Brooklyn Fundraiser at The Emerson
6:00pm 6:00pm

Brooklyn Fundraiser at The Emerson

Please come eat, drink and plot the future of democracy with Katie Wilson - democratic candidate for the US House of Representatives from up-state New York (NY-21). She needs your help fighting an uphill battle against a powerful incumbent and Washington insider. 

With your support, Katie could become the youngest female democrat and one of only two single mothers ever elected to congress. She's running because it's time for working class representation - it's time to elect real people who live the issues facing the majority of Americans every single day. 

Come take part in the conversation, learn what compelled Katie to run, hear her vision for the future of the North Country and contribute to the campaign to save America (while having a transcendental experience at The Emerson). There will be a cash bar and a silent art auction featuring both Adirondack and local BK artists. 

$25 donations go directly to the expense of producing campaign literature and flipping the House in 2018 - we sincerely appreciate your support and hope to see you there!

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